What to Do When Your Partner Asks For a Divorce

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You may have had suspicions when things in your marriage changed, and you may have even been thinking your partner wants a divorce. When it actually happened, it was a terrible shock and left you not knowing where to turn. The first thing to do is look for good affordable divorce lawyers and make an appointment with one.

Assure Yourself You Will Survive Divorce

According to an article in the Huffington Post, you need to “remind yourself that you’re going to be okay.” It’s important to know and believe you will come through the divorce in tact. You are still the same person with the same qualities, attractiveness, talents, and intelligence that you had the moment before your spouse announced he or she wanted a divorce. There will be emotional times when you are feeling lonely, angry, or just plain confused, but they will eventually fade away. It’s a wise idea to see a counselor for a while so you can open up and spill out all the anger and bitterness you might feel. Counseling will also help you get back on track to being who you really are.

Don’t Ask Why

According to Conniff Law Offices in Chicago, you should never ask your spouse “why” he or she wants a divorce. Knowing the answer won’t change anything, but it could make it worse. Don’t start imagining “why” because that can really get you in trouble. Don’t give your time and life to a “situation” that may not even be real. Your spouse wants a divorce and being sure you make it through the divorce fairly treated is all that matters for the moment. It’s your attorney’s job to accomplish that, but her or she needs you to remain stable and be helpful throughout the process.

No Stalking

Your spouse wants out, and you have to let him or her go. Do not start investigating or following your soon-to-be ex around to see if another person is involved. You can get yourself in trouble by doing that. Don’t break or damage any of your spouse’s personal belongings. Spite can be a costly venture. You need to get on with your life.

It will seem lonely and strange in the beginning, but you will survive divorce. It may sound trite, but the truth is you will emerge a stronger person.

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