Ways Businesses Can Spruce Up and Create a Safe Environment for Employees

Great housekeeping can help you run an efficient, risk-free office, and minimise the chance of workplace lawsuits. In many cases, it can help you cut back on waste, and tighten up efficiency all around. While offices do get cleaned each day, some things tend to slip under the radar. To make sure that you catch these slippery cleaning issues before they turn into a health or safety risk, you should start a routine: schedule a couple of days for a thorough spring cleaning of every part of the office. You’ll catch everything that got away.

Run a clean kitchen 

If your office has a kitchen, a refrigerator, a water cooler or even a vending machine, you want to make sure that all of it is clean. While your cleaning staff probably makes sure that the food and water service areas are cleaned each day, a thorough yearly cleaning should pay attention to hard-to-access areas and tough stains.

Look for slip and trip hazards 

Frayed carpets, loose or broken tiles, exposed wires, overloaded power outlets and sticky doors can all be serious workplace hazards. Should these cause injury in any way, you could have to answer to a workers’ compensation attorney with a serious lawsuit against your company. You need to set aside enough time and funds to make sure that you tie up every loose end.

Look at your storage situation 

Storing frequently needed items too high up, placing heavy boxes and other items where workers would need to strain themselves to reach, and overloading shelves are all potentially hazardous actions. You need to be careful to make sure that there is adequate storage at the right height and that you plan your storage with ergonomics and safety in mind.

Look at your HVAC situation 

Poor indoor air quality can sicken your workers and open you up to a lawsuit. It’s important that you bring in an HVAC professional to test the quality of your indoor air and thoroughly clean all air-conditioning units, heating units and ducts. 

Inspect for pests 

If you’ve been putting off taking care of roach, mosquito or rat problems, you need to address them before summer — it’s in warm weather that pests multiply.

Keep the pollen under control 

Whether your employees are allergic to pollen or not, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your office is clean of it. Spring is when pollen levels rise everywhere. If your office isn’t pollen- free, you may have workers reporting sick. It’s also a lawsuit hazard. Installing pollen filters around the office is a good idea.

Clean up all the office equipment 

Not every cleaning chore is safety related. Some chores are simply about protecting your investment. All your office computers, power equipment, telephones, printers, scanners and other office equipment can benefit from a thorough cleaning. When they are free of dust, you’ll see them run cooler and more efficiently, with lower chance of malfunction.

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