Ways Avoid Being Falsely Accused Domestic Violence

Three-quarters of a million accusations of domestic violence are found to be false each year. While it’s a huge number, it is a fraction of the number of cases found legitimate, (which number at 5 million each year).

As rare as false accusations are, they upend entire lives when they do occur. You may find yourself looking at arrest, a restraining order, prosecution and all the life-altering consequences that follow from these legal actions. You could become homeless, unemployed and without a family.

If you’re at risk of being falsely accused of violence and are anxious to avoid being victimized in this way, you’ll need to learn how to navigate the law.

To begin, be aware of the warning signs

Domestic violence accusations do not usually come out of the blue. A few warning signs turn up ahead of time.

.   You are in an unhappy marriage, and go through heated discussions about divorce from time to time.

.   Your spouse knows the legal system far more than you would expect of a regular person.

.   Your spouse is friends with people who manipulate the legal system.

  1. Your spouse is unrepentant about an affair.

.   Your spouse has been diagnosed with a mental disorder that makes them unpredictable — borderline personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder and so on.

.   Your spouse, in general, has a vengeful streak.

Look at your circumstances

 In half of all cases of false domestic violence accusation, the accuser doesn’t simply act out of a desire to be manipulative; they have something to gain from it — usually, custody of the child. In others, they may be fearful of an unfavorable divorce settlement. Divorce proceedings, then, are a huge indicator of the possibility of false domestic violence accusations. They are easy to make, too. Even when a false accusation is brought to light, government prosecutors tend to be reluctant to charge the offender with perjury.

It’s important to take preventive steps

 False domestic violence accusations aren’t as rare as most people think — around 15% of all such complaints. Most of these people are male. Three-quarters of those filing false domestic violence charges are female. One in 6 men know someone who has been targeted with false accusations. If you find that you are in a situation that puts you at risk of a false accusation, you need to take preventive steps well in time.

Maintain a detailed journal: A detailed diary that includes every happening through each day is an excellent resource to depend on in court. Whatever accusations are made, your diary could include details that help you throw up a contradiction.

Do not be manipulated into violence: If you are insulted, struck or otherwise provoked, you need to keep your head. You can be arrested for violence even if it was the result of provocation.

Do not threaten violence yourself: If you ever allow yourself to express your feelings with violent language, you should hold it in. If the words escape your mouth, they can show intent to be violent.

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