Steps You Should Take During a Custody Battle

Emotions run tall during a divorce, and a custody battle may follow when kids are involved. When occurs, it might not be something you can grip without extra help from an expert personal examiner with skill in child custody cases.  If there is any concern that a child’s security is at danger, it is necessary you take all basic official steps to have the kid removed from the offending parent’s custody, and in order to complete this you must have compelling proof of abuse or neglect. Law enforcement can only intervene when plenty facts point to the kid being in risk.

Custody and Visitation Investigations

According to Lawyer Investigations of US, children should never be used as pawns in a divorce, but unluckily too a lot of are. When one parent attempt to punish other by removing child from their custody or warning their visitations, in the end it is the child that suffers. The courts are over-run with divorce proceedings, and this result in many children being placed with an abusive or unfit parent. If you are concerned about the care your child is receiving from your former spouse, a specialized investigator can determine how the other parent is treating the child, or children, and details any negative findings to the court. If the other parents are unfit to have custody, you will have the compulsory proof for your lawyer to present to the court.

What Court Considers

According to Chimera, when you go previous to court, you should present total proof of any allegation you are making against the other parent. The information you have about the other parent isn’t enough to convince a judge based solely on your word. A licensed investigator’s report, testimony, photograph, and video records have farm more credence than accusations alone. Some of the factors the court considers when making a custody choice include criminal records, evidence of neglect or abuse, proof of drug or alcohol abuse, home situation, mental and bodily health, and financial standing. There are other condition judge will consider as well, so it is significant to discuss what is needed with both your attorney the investigator to be sure all bases are covered.

It may be sensitively hard to get yourself in a child custody battle, but with the support of a “family law” lawyer and a proficient child custody investigator, you will get through it effectively.

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